Improve Your Chess Now #6- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1897
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Improve Your Chess Now #6- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1897

Jan 1, 2018, 11:42 AM |

I reached 1897 in rating today!


I was hoping to reach 1900 before 2016 ended. It seemed like a nice number to end the year.

But it was not meant to be.

So what has happened the last week?

I've been playing more or less as many games as before but it seams like I have reached a plateau again. I've kept falling and going back up again between approx 1860-1890. I more or less get a win streak of 3-5 games and then a lose streak of as many games.

The rating keeps following the wins and losses as I no longer seems to get "weaker" opponents. Almost everyone I play is at my level.

That should by itself be good as it should help me progress. Easy wins wont help one improve much.

I feel like its time to get back to studying the openings once again and see if I can dive even deeper into the strategy behind them.


So, more tactics, redo the openings and keep analyzing my losses.


See ya soon!