Improve Your Chess Now #7- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1901!
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Improve Your Chess Now #7- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1901!

Jan 2, 2018, 11:34 AM |


2 Days Late - Over 1900 for the first time!


I want to clarify for any reader that reaching 1900 is not something that makes me a titled player or even a good player in my own opinion.


What it means is that I am without any doubt playing much better than what I was doing some 3 months ago when I was stuck at 1250-1500.


I do find it satisfying to see a higher number but I know it is not really the same as a rating playing over the board.


I will continue to train and try my next goal, 2000.


How fast will I reach 2000?

I have no idea, but I see no way I can reach 2000 (and stay there) in just months from where I am now.

My guess is that I will stay around 1900 (1860-1900) for a quite long time even with continued training.


The reason why I do not think I will keep going up fast

I have touched this in precious posts and will come back to it in the future more than once. At certain levels people tend to behave (play) in certain ways.

I saw it around 12-1500, then 16-1700, again at 17-1800 and finally 18 up to where I am now.

Each level requires different basic concepts and ways of playing to move forward. Now at high 1800 and up the times when blunders or even bigger mistakes have gone down so far that winning from my opponent making a winning error is no longer something that will happen very often.

So, I can not make any blunders either as once done, the 1800+ opponents are quite good at taking advantage of them.


I see much less games with killer attacks and much more games with more or less equal positions, requiring more strategy and longer term planning for wins.


So, back to the drawing board to refocus some study plans, and away we go!


Just to let you know, I still base my studies and openings as well as basic ways to play on GInger GMs excellent courses and advises!


Simon has taken me here and I'm sure that his knowledge and support will take me a bit further (if only my head allows me to advance more)!