Improve Your Chess Now #8 - Update

Improve Your Chess Now #8 - Update

Jan 23, 2018, 5:11 AM |

It's been a couple of weeks since my last update now and I'm planning the rating update and it will come in a couple of days.


Deep Thoughts

I've received a couple of questions and requests for posts with games with more direct chess related analysis. This will come as well.

When playing at my present level I have noted a couple of things.


  • If I lose focus for just a second, I'll get lost. Like if someone talks to me and I answer them, then I tend to do badly from thereon.
  • It's also obvious that the players at 1800+ and even more so at 1900+ levels, when they want to, can make strategic decisions for more long term use in the games. This compared to 16-1700 rated players. I also see a clear difference when they stop to think a bit longer, that its most often not a this or that move but rather a plan on playing for a specific idea, threat or achieving a desired outcome of a series of moves.
  • Obvious for many should be that the play most often is of higher quality. I still go oops every now and then and I have won a number of games clearly thanks to my opponent not really pouring his heart and soul into the game.
  • The positions and way of playing at this level is different from the lower ones. More afterthought, more of pieces on good squares and less passive play.


My Openings

I still play The London as white and The Black Lion as black and it works equally well at the 1900 level. This with a big difference. One can not plainly play for a killer attack in almost all games. With stronger opponents that use more stable setups and better long time strategies I have had to switch every now and then to lamer versions of the openings. I actually have to play to try and get the point, not only, kill,kill,kill and I probably end up winning.


More to come soon, including games.


Until then, keep playing!