Win or Lose - What's it gonna be today
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Win or Lose - What's it gonna be today

Feb 21, 2018, 11:09 AM |

I've been playing a lot since my last post.

That should have been a good thing but I'm having my doubts.

Last elo update I'd crossed the 1900 limit and I've been around 1950 for a while. I also said I though this was a bit over my probable strength,

I then fell down to around 1850 and stayed there for quite a while.

Followed with a period where things have started to go really south with both my games and my elo rating (as it should be).


I'm currently struggling to keep my elo noose over the 1800 line and if lose one more game then I'll be back in the 17 hundreds for the first time in over 3 months.

Why is this?

I have no good answer.

I play the same opening (I should be getting better at it)

I play the same days (all of them)

The same time

and I get opponents that have around my rating so that is the same.


Conclusion : I have changed something.


I have trained less tactics lately but the change in results seems to be too big to just be that.


There is one other change I've made though. I've tried to not go so hard for tactical, attacking play as I just has presumed that entering in 1880 and up my opponents would handle that much better. This could be the main reason for my loss in rating.


Easy to test, just to let the tactics do the work again and see what happens.