1.h4 The ultimate way how one should not start a game... Or a blog post

IM ChesscoachAndras
Aug 11, 2015, 4:48 AM |

Hi Guys, 

I love chess. Regardless of the opponent's strenght, the time limit, the enviroment, whether it be online or over the board, I just love the game. I also consider myself to be a reasonably good sportman, someone who is chivalrious and only flags you in dead lost positions if it means at least 1 extra rating point for meTongue Out. With other words, I tend to pride myself on good manners and being a nice dude over the chessboard. 

When you play online chess you meet a great variety of dudes (and dudetts), who have all different playing styles. One style that stands out in particular that I like to refer to as "wan$^%$er style" is when your opponent is either 10-0 down or 10-0 up (these two are the most common cases) and then they throw 1. h4 ?!? at you in the next game. My standard reaction to this is that I immediately call the game the "last" and i try my mighty best to play like Carlsen, Kasparov and Kramnik combined on chess steroids.

The whole concept of this attitude disgusts me as it shows a great deal of disrespect, ignorance, and other kind of negative traits that I can't be bothered listing here. 

There, HOWERER, is a problem here in my thinking, which can be best described as this:


And just as in life there is only one Batman, who gets away with a lot of weird stuff, when it comes to 1.h4, my fellow countryman, the late Master Gabor Kadas definitely falls into the exception to the rule category.

Basically the rule of thumb changes into something like this; "Stay clear from 1.h4 (i.e. don't be a wan%^&er). Unless you are Master Kadas. If you are Kadas 1.h4 means 1-0...


Here is how: