I'm Ready

Aug 9, 2013, 5:48 AM |

Time has changed. Life in the past doesn't change the future. We change it, those people who were in the future. When we age, we grow, and are helpless to our age. To grow strong, we put our effort into everything. We must, we must, stop everything. And that's why I'm here to say I'm ready for the future. It may be ahrd, but I'm fighting for the fallen lives in the past. We carry on the life of the dead. And have fun with the living. Memories contain us in our mind, sycronized with our soul. We shall, countinue the life! Fight through it, see the light! Go chase your dream, ebr eady for problems, lfie is hard, I know it, but keep going. We can go beyond expectaions!


That's why I'm here to say that, I'm Ready! I'm prepared for anything!

Even though i get stabbed, I'll still keep going, even though I fell off a high bicycle and it hruts really ahrd, I'll keep going, even though i got hit by a car, I'll still keep going! Chasing my dream of being an Aircraft Designer, I'll be ready! And so will you. So let's take the chance, to keep going for life!