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Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 1

Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 1

Feb 23, 2013, 10:55 AM 1

Chapter 1 - We're Under Attack

I heard a loud that shook my room. me and FunExplorerJacob woke up. Oh , hi, my name's aaron2622 but you can call be Aaron for short. Jacob here is my best friend here at Sand Island Base, we've trained with each other all the time. Back to that large boom. "What was that" I asked Jacob. "Let's go check it out" said Jacob. So we went outside our room and locked outside the window. "Holy S'mokes" yelled Jacob. There were bombers circling the base. I saw their symbol on the planes. It was T.R.E.,  The Raven Empire! "All units, get to your battle stations" yelled the intercom. "I've always wanted to have a real battle" I said as me and Jacob ran to the barracks to get our equipment. When we got there, the barracks was full of people putting their equipment on. We went to our lockers, got our pilot equipment which includes a mask, parachute, suit, etc. "We got to get the rest of our squad" yelled Jacob. He was right, with only the two of us, who would cover? "You know, we're already here" said James(CoolJamesBondSpy). William(williamyang10) was right next to him. "OK, let's get to the hanger" said Jacob. Luckily, our planes weren't destroyed because a fire was coming through. "Go, get in your F-22's" I shouted. I was their Captain. I told them their orders. As the hanger door lifted for us to get on the runway, T-16's from above started shooting at us. With pure luck, we dodged and made our way into the runway with safety checks. "Engine, Check HUD, Check, Landing Gear, Check, Eject system, Check, Radar, Check, Communication, Check we're ready to take off" I said. "Kestrel Squad, you are cleared to take off" said our radios. I pushed up the throttle. I started gaining speed. I pulled back the joystick. Soon I was up in the air. "Flight restrictions cancelled Aaron, take care of those T.R.E. at once" said my intercom. Soon my squad and I were up in the sky. "Enemy bomber spotted" said Jacob. "Aaron, you take the lead, I'll protect you at six'olock" said James. "So will I" said William. "Fox Two, Fox Two" shouted AVX Thunderhead which is our guide in battle which is installed in our system. Fox Two means shoot two missiles by the way. I fired two of my 96 missile away. The missiles pursued the bomber as it tried to dodge it but the missiles were to fast. BOOM! "Nice shot, Aaron" said William excitedly "Your first kill" "Thanks, Will" I said proudly. "This is Sand Island Base calling all aerial units, your main objective is to neutralize all the bombers at once before they bring any harm, reinforcements are coming about an quarter-hour so hold tigh~~~ Ahhhh! Fire" said our base control tower. "My rock and roll records" yelled Jacob. "It took me forever to collect them" "Just get on with the mission, Jacob" said James. One by one, we took out the enemy bombers until there was only one fighter plane. "Let's take him out" I said but before we could pursue the T-45, Pops came out of no where. "Pops to Control tower, I have low fuel, landing" But before his plane could touch the runway, he was pursued by missiles. "Pops, EVADE, EVADE" said the Control Tower but it was too late. The missiles the T-64 launched had killed him. "Nooooooooooooooo" I yelled. "Take him out already Jacob" said William. Jacob fired. Suddenly, missiles appeared on my radar pursuing me! I tried to eject but the missle hit my plane. I fell off the plane with my parachute. I was in mid-air. I thought fast and pulled my parachute just as I hit the ground on The Roblox Assult Team's Sand Island Air Base.

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