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Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 2

Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 2

Feb 25, 2013, 4:02 PM 2

Chapter 2 - The Escort

This story has been made by sengdao's mind and game playing events on Roblox if you think I've copied and pasted this.

After the battle, I was trying to record our General but suddenly a hand caught me and Jacob told me if he caught me doing that, he would kill me. Why was the General so mad? "The Raven Empire has declared war on us" said Jacob saddly

"Yay, we're going to be transported to the Kestral for an escort" I said proudly. In case you haven't known, I was bleeding all over the place when I fell but I was healed by the medics and guess what!? I got promoted to Colonel! I'm 4 steps away from being a General! What Colonel does is I get 60,000 Euro for my crew and we get new F-35s! F-35s are like F-22 but technologically better! Jacob here got to be Lieutenant here, Will got promoted to Sergent, and James got promoted to Private First Class. We all got promoted because we stopped 90% of the bombers alone! Can you believe that!? Now, they think we're good enough to escort and I bet I can take the heat. James looks shaken up while we're in the hanger to take off for the Kestral. "What's wrong, James?" I asked him. "How about--, How about, if we die?"He asked me. "Enemies are everywhere"  I hadn't thought about that but our mechanic signaled us to get inot our planes for takeoff.  So we got in our planes. I sighed. The Raven Empire used to be our allies, who'd imagine they'd be declaring war at us. "Aaron, you are cleared for take off" shouted AVX. "Copy that" I said. I thrusted up my throttle and my plane started moving. We were going to do our first war mission! "Lading gear, off" I said and me and my R.A.T. Ace Pilot Squad 1 (which is Jacob, James, and Will) went to land at our best carrier, the Kestral. You see, R.A.T. has 3 Main Carriers used in battle which is the Kestral, Blizzard, and I forgot. I just know there's the Kestral... Oh well. "Landing gear on" said James. I forgot all about the time! The carrier was 50 ft away. I quickly pushed the switch and I landed and braked as hard as I can. My aircraft was transported to the side. While I was waiting for all of my team to land, I was greeted by Captain recohawk25(Reco for short). He was working for L.E. which was our ally. "So we're suppose to follow this guys order?" asked Will as we ate our lunch. "He's a captain, don't underestimate him" I answered. Soon, we were escorting a B-85 equiped with a back gunner and cargo. "This is going to be a piece of cake" I said. "Yep, sure is" said the rest of my team. "Enemy Detected at Coordinates 2, 80, Let's go R.A.T. Squad 1" said Reco. "Impossible" I yelled. My squad and I thought this was easy as eating pie but enimies again? "Who are they" I asked. "They're WIJ" Reco shouted. "I thought we were allies by the looks of things but we have to protect this cargo, it's weapons for the Arkbird" "What's the Arkbird" my squad asked. "Hurry up and engage" cried Reco. "Jacob, Engaging" "Aaron, Engaging" James, Engaging" "Will, Engaging" We spotted 8 F-4Es which we're really awesome by the looks. "We're outnumbered" Will cried. "But we have better weapons" I smirked as I shot my SAM to 6 of the F-4Es.

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