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Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 3

Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 3

Feb 26, 2013, 6:04 PM 8

Chapter 3 - "3, 2, 1, Liftoff!"

"Uh-Oh" said Reco. "What is it sir?" I asked. "TRE is putting an assault on our Space Center those smart-Alec's and they need help protecting it while we are defending its equipment for a launch" "****" said Reco just as I just destroyed all of the F4E's with 8 SAM left and 68 Missiles. I saw my team shaking up. "What's wrong, gang?" I asked. "How did you do that SAM thing?" they all asked me. "Well, I hit that special weapon button and it locks on to the target" I exclaimed. When  we arrived, we saw a White Bird above the sky. "What is that?" Will asked. "That's the Arkbird, the president thinks we will have a advantage if we go to space" said Reco. Soon, the rocket was full of the weapons the Arkbird needed for battle. Suddenly aircraft appeared and paratroopers started coming in. "We got company" I said. "engage all paratroopers, they are the main enemy of killing our rocket" "Sir, I think we should split up, I mean look how much we're outnumbered" suggested Reco. "OK, team, disperse" I commanded. "We have a broken engine down here" shouted the Space Launch Station. "we need more time" "Just launch already" I shouted. "Where's our air support, is this all we got?" asked Control Center. There were too many bombers. Our team couldn't do anything. "Looks like this is going to be a piece of cake" said the TRE Captain. I engaged him. "Ding Ding Ding Ding Ping" my radar lock said. I shot my SAM expecting to kill him but it hit the ground as he dodged it. SAM was my best weapon. How was I going to defeat this guy? Then, I had an idea. "James, can you get behind me and shoot that guy behind me?" I asked him. "Sure, Sir" replied James as the captain went off my radar. It was as if he didn't notice James. "The captain's plane has crashed" cried some TRE pilots. "Continue battling" said a loud booming voice. As we were finishing off the paratroopers, a whole ton of missiles started coming for the bridge for liftoff. It they reached it, it was all over. I knew I should of been wiser but I shot all of my SAM to the missiles. They all failed. "Use the normal missiles" suggested Reco and when I tried it, it was easier to kill the missiles. I was too busy thinking about the crowd of missiles that I forgot the other side which his the bridge and had almost made it fall. "Starting Launch Sequence" said Space Launch Station. "Hurry Up, the bridge is going to die" cried an R.A.T. Private. "Engine Room Check, Weapons, Check, Power, Check, Speed, Check, All Systems go, 3, 2, 1.."   "Checkpoint 1, Checkpoint 2, Checkpoin~ BOOM!" It was over, we had lost the war. "Retreat, men" I told my allies. Then, I saw a engine, could it be... The Rocket!? "Checkpoint 4, We're in the sky" shouted Space Center. Everyone cheered as the enemy retreated back to their base. "That was fun" said Will "I got the most kills" added Jacob. "It's not a game" I said quietly. Suddenly, our radios beamed up, "Return back to Emerald Harbor immediately, All aircraft, return there at once, we are under attack by The Sky Clan, they are attacking our 3 main carriers, all Forces, return back t~" "That sounds like trouble" I said. "Let's call in my force and hurry up to Emerald Harbor, they may be dead already" suggested Reco.

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