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Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 4

Roblox: Call Of Robloxia 5 - Chapter 4

Feb 28, 2013, 4:49 PM 1

So I bet you thought we were too late right? Wrong, we got Reco’s 12-man squad and got to Emerald harbor just in time as we saw firing everywhere. AVX informed us what was happening.
  “The Cky Clan and T.R.E. have combined forces to make a large assault on Emerald Harbor. Since our 3 Main Carriers are parked in Emerald harbor, it would be perfect for them to attack. Aaron and Reco will land on each carrier and get all the pilots up to defend.
    The rest of you will defend the carrier at all cost. Our carriers our are only hope for battle!” “Ok, that sounds easy, let’s charge” said Reco. “Will, Engaging, jacob, Engaging, James, Engaging” I put my landing gear off as a missile almost killed me. “Steady there, Aaron. Slow dow~ CRASH!” Reco said before his plane was destroyed. “Reco!” I cried as I landed on the Kestrel. I got off my plane and saw Reco floating next to the carrier at the sea. He took the ladder and got up the carrier.
        “I thought you were dead” I cried. “Survival is not likely but that time was” exclaimed Reco. “now let’s get some wings up there.” Suddenly, a plane knocked over a man. We watched him fall into the water. “Man, OVERBOARD!” I shouted. He was swimming for the ladder but little did he notice that there was a burning plane falling over him. “D-dd-di-did you see that” whispered Reco. “Ye-es.” I replied.

         I can’t believe a guy just died in front of me. I mean, I was expecting a piece of cake but this happening in front of my own eyes. “We don’t have all day, Aaron” told Reco. “Ok, just let me take a moment to...”

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