Following Silman's Advice

Dec 20, 2014, 7:34 PM |

I enjoyed IM Silman's recent article, "A Chess Engine is NOT Your Friend". I already know Stockfish, my favorite chess engine, is probably subtracting some value from the time I spend studing chess. But, the ariticle is engaging and, more importantly, inspirational. So, tonight instead of playing I analyzed one of my recent Live 30 0 game I played on

Before my analysis and since I played aggresively and won in 25 moves I thought that I had played very well.  But, iperforming my own anlaysis I discovered several study-worthy mistakes.

A computer engine would have found even better moves. But, I feel confident that in having performed my own analysis I will develop a more robust understanding of chess and identify specific areas for improvement in my own play.

Thank you, IM Silman, for the inspiration.

Below is the game.