One of my best games, awesome Rook sacrifice

Apr 30, 2013, 5:38 AM |

I just can't stop thinking about this game. This represents the level of chess that I can play and will play. Wow! This was one of the most beautiful games, I have played. 

In retrospect,  yesterday, I played a lot of folks, came second in a tournament where I lost only one game and that too in the endgame,  (this is probably going to be my next topic, the losses in endgames that I have suffered.) despite having a sufficient amount of advantage in the early game.

That's that.

Then, later on in the night,( or in the morning, I'd say) I played  some 20-21 games. I lost 19 ( 1 was a 1 move resignation because I wanted to beat his Greco) I came close to winning in 1 game where I got his queen but then made blunders in the end. I also must improve my endgame, I always lose even in case of equal position.

Anyways, I said I want one last game and he said the same thing at the same time. I lost again. :/ So I asked him one last time to play where I am white. He said ok and I said this is the game where I would not play the conventional Ruy Lopez move, 2. Nf3( I want ). Brilliant game, that was, from my side, of course. That game is as follows:


The post actually does NOT deal with this game and its beauty but another game, I played. The person was ranked way higher. This was probably the third or fourth time (in every format and on every chess website and also in reality) that I was playing Sicilian. I always go for Ruy Lopez as soon as black plays 1. e4 e5. So, this person, who was ranked higher than me on, went 1.e4 c5. I had to play the Sicilian. I have had many losses in it and I don’t like the weird play where everything is captured and the person is left with nothing, really. Full of tricks and tactics, that can sometime become annoying.

The person was very humble and in between the game, I made a bad mouse move. I wanted to go Rd1 and instead went Rc1, which is absolutely pointless. Now, the opposing person says that he would allow me to correct it by playing a basic move such as moving his king back and forth so that I can correct it. I did as he said, but the problem was that I would be at an advantage as it would be my turn to move.
This is what that sequence of moves, looked like, 12. Rac1 Kh8 13. Rcd1 Kg8 14. b4

Now I had the advantage of playing b4 and he could not go, a5.



This is what the variation was like.

Sicilian, Najdorf, Opovcensky variation