Rare Opening: French Defence: Mediterranean Defence

Mar 31, 2013, 12:56 PM |

Hi, all. After the error, I have to rewrite the whole post. I post here, a game of rare opening: the Mediterranean Defence as started by chess.com's computer on their iPhone app. The game's analysis and notations would now possibly be incomplete. I will still try to write down everything I remember. 

I must add something about the game's opening and the explorer results. I played this game in like May of 2012 and wrote it down in my notebook to analyse later (which is what I am doing). To my surprise, this early variation of French Defence is pretty rare and opens up the game. Quoting Wikipedia:
2...Nf6 is known as the Mediterranean Defence, and is very rare. 

Explorer from Chess.com shows C01, even though it should be C00 since it is not a dxe4 variation.
Explorer from Chess365.com shows C00 and has a total of only 14 games for the move 3...Ne3 

The play of the computer was suicidal and the level of play out of a possible 10(strongest) was 5 i.e. 5/10.

My following game has a lot of blunders but that game is like an year old, when I played chess without thinking, or playing almost instantaneously.

Here is my analysis.