This is why you don't play Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky (Nimzovich-Rossolimo, Moscow) attack against me

May 19, 2013, 5:20 AM |

I stopped playing a lot of games at once (same day) some time ago. More recently I was watching the Norway chess and saw two very different games by Anand; the last two. Wang Hao (after defeating both the challenger and the World Chess Champion) was so happy that he did not even leave the commentator's bench even after the commentators asked him so, politely. He was sooo happy!! :P

Anyway, I played a game today a few hours back, it was pretty cool. A knight sacrifice and another knight sacrifice later in the game (but by that time, his/her position was completely lost).
I think that understanding the professional level chess somewhat helped with these tactics in his game that my opponent missed surprisingly even though he was rated much much higher. He eventually resigned on move 32 but I think he lost the game by move 9/10. He probably wanted to prevent himself from becoming the fastest loser. But hey, I think one should accept certain mistakes. I played a lot of games, and I lost a lot of them, probably from winning position most of the times. It doesn't even matter. You get to improve.

So this is how the game looked like.

All in all the game was pretty good from my side and equally bad from the opponent side.