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Oh Earth--Am sorry.. :(

Oh Earth--Am sorry.. :(

Aug 30, 2012, 6:10 AM 2

Iam very lazy these days.However todays lazy stint triggered a thought in my brain, a thought block on which i spent my time. Here i narrate it in brief.


Human Beings are  thoroughly searching for the 'Habitable Zones' or 'Goldilocks planets' in the vast space!! ie we have reached a point to aspire for a different habitation zone. What ever be the reasons behind those aspirations, one thing is certain that Global Aerospace Industry is already in action to explore Habitable zones.My question is simple " A race that failed patheticallly to protect and sustain their habitation zone ,Now do they have a justified reason to infest another planet.. ?



"Oh Earth, Green Blue u were but soon we made u red..bloody red

U gave us everything and in return we gave u greed and greed alone

We infested you and later pushed u to peril

Having plundered ur womb, there we look to flee

Oh Earth ..iam sorry for i too belong to this gang of rascals called Humans.."

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