Chess Diet?

Jun 18, 2008, 11:14 PM |

I have been told that watching what you eat during over the board tournaments is critical to success.  Several master level players have spoken to me about their diets/nutriotion aware meals in preparation for a chess tournament.

No coca-cola's or energy drinks during or before tournaments.  No candy or other type of sweet stimulant.

Fruits, water and other natural foods (non-heavy) are recommended.

 So I have set out to test this theory.  I am now in the middle of my second week of no meats, no breads, and no sugar.  I have been drinking only water and basically eating rice and vegetables.  For those who are not vegetarians, let me be the first to say this is extremely difficult.

Some might be interested to hear, that I find myself eating a little bit more and not as much at one time.  How much rice can you eat?  The food doesn't have to be hot.  Sometimes I can snack on the same meal for hours.  I am not sure how healthy that is, but I have found myself eating the same meal in more than one sitting.

Apples taste so good now. I love the texture. Also, they are naturally sweet (some of them) and that has been satisfying my want for sugar.

I am anticipating playing in an over the board tournament early July.  So I wanted to give my body time to adjust to the new diet.  Even still it might not be enough time.

I think I am up to about 4 water bottles a day.  I haven't done any real exercise.  I am a natural walker however, and I have been keeping this up. Maybe a couple miles a day, but no push-ups/sit-ups or other type exercises at this point.

Also, I haven't found myself with new energy like some said I might experience.