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The best opening for black in chess against 1.e4

The best opening for black in chess against 1.e4

Dec 1, 2017, 8:50 PM 0

This is the most commonly asked question for black players. They do not want to play 1.e5 because it is simply overloaded with theory. So therefore, I recommend that you play the caro kann defence. It is both solid and aggressive in certain variations. You can achieve easy equality against strong opponents if you are a club player rated lets say around 1500 you can achieve easy draws with black. Here is one example.

You can see in the above mentioned game black was 400 points lower rated but he still managed to get a draw comfortably. You can also get quick wins in the caro kann. look at the example below.

I recommend the caro kann for all club players. I hope you will try the caro kann hank you

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