Alekhine on The Moller Defence.

Alekhine on The Moller Defence.

Jan 21, 2018, 4:40 AM |

Recently my friend Toucanchess did a blog on the Moller Defence in the Ruy Lopez. In it he quoted a game of Alekhine's. Since I have a special interest in the way that great players handle different opening systems, this caught my eye.

I have mentioned elsewhere that I consider Alekhine to be essential study material for any aspiring player, and he commented on games with the Moller Defence in a number of different sources. 

I have taken just four of these to present here. 

The first was annotated in 'My best Games Of Chess. 1908-1923'

The second game has notes in the tournament book.

 The third is one of a couple in this opening that can be found in his book 'Auf Dem Wege zur Weltmeisterschaft.' 

In is interesting to speculate on whether he was preparing this as a possibility for his match with Capablanca, or using it to avoid playing the defences that he was preparing.

His opponents may be obscure to some, but they were both fine players.

And finally one from 'My Best Games of Chess 1924-1937'.

Note that I have left Alekhine's comments as they originally were, without adding and later corrections or theoretical researches. 

I hope you enjoy the games and Alekhine's wonderful annotations.

Perhaps one day I will do a post on my favourite annotators!wink.png