Sacrifices in the Sicilian - Kupreichik Style.

Sacrifices in the Sicilian - Kupreichik Style.


Afternoon everyone. My next posting was going to be in two parts. Whilst sorting the games for the second part I changed my mind, and ended up doing this. 

Viktor Kupreichik. One of the most uncompromising players ever. My friend @Spektrowski  recently provided some stats that give him one of the lowest drawing percentages in the history of the Soviet Championships. Indeed, there is a book about him called 'Uncompromising Chess'.

When he died a couple of years ago I wrote a short article that you can find here  . There you will find a nice article by Suetin which includes a story showing just how uncompromising he was. The games I give here can be found there without notes.

So, Kupreichik in the Sicilian Defence was usually a bloodbath! The guy made the likes of Tal look like a dull plodder. If you go over one of his games and there isn't at least one move that surprises you he was having a bad day!

I have annotated the games and tried to put the opening theory into the context of the time, rather than modern - computer assisted - theory. Buckle up and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

Having mentioned Tal, I will throw in the following game first. Tal beaten with his own weapons.

An early game against this man - shown giving a lecture on the Sicilian!! Seemed a good choice of photo.

You can find great photographs from the tournament here  

Another one with Tal.

This next one is straightforward enough, but there is a lovely touch near the end.

The player on the receiving end in the next game is someone discussed in the comments to one of my recent blogs - his notorious lack of opening preparation shows again. (He once lost a famous game to Tal, who basically just had to follow the theory of the day.) Actually - he nearly gets away with it!

Kupreichik played a lot of games against, the slightly younger, Alexandr Beliavsky.

Beliavsky and Kupreichik.

They produced some great chess! This game was a theoretically important one at the time.

O.K. Let's throw in a Dragon. Games like this next one had the young Simaginfan's attention! Black was probably the the most important expert on the opening at the time.

Tal-Gufeld. Dnepropetrovsk. 1970. Douglas Griffin on twitter.

For many years - until a recent clear out - I had the standard book on the Dragon from the early 1970's.

Best post the game!!

( This close-up always makes me smile. As a teenager with long, 1970's, hair I once set fire to myself in just that way!!!  )

A game with the same opening line as the first one. White's 25th move, and the finish behind it, is very beautiful.

Kupreichik was also pretty tasty on the Black side of the Sicilian. The following game is one of the first of his that I studied properly. It was in the very first edition of Informator that I was able to afford .

It is a stunningly brilliant game - one of those that leaves you not only in awe of the winner, but also scratching your head wondering where the loser went wrong. Kupreichik instantly went on to my list of players whose games i looked out for.

O.K. Gone over my usual budget of 6 games so will stop there. If you like Kupreichik's brand of chess mayhem, there are plenty of games in the article mentioned, plus a number in the comments there.

Also a huge number of his games that aren't in either post! Go check him out on the internet database sites.