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Online Chess Training

Online Chess Training

Mar 30, 2012, 1:55 AM 21

Hi, I am available for Online Chess Training.

Lessons will be conducted on a board with chess graphics in the Live Chess section and audio commentary via Skype. After each lesson, the student will receive any notes in the form of a pgn file.   

In my lessons, students will receive tuition on all aspects of the game, this includes any questions that they need to solve, chess tactics, strategical ideas and motives, and practical tips to help all of those who wish to become a better chess player. I will help students from all levels up to the master level player (2300).

My rates are US$32 for an hourly lesson or US$52 for 2 hour lessons, paid to my paypal account. I will only take those students that are motivated to self-improve. Remember that a coach is just a tool along the path to achieving your chess goals, and that you should be testing what you have learnt from the coach, to compliment the lessons.

Send me a message to get started! 

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