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The life if a horrible chess player

The life if a horrible chess player

Mar 21, 2015, 12:54 AM 0

Edit from one year later: Hi, yes I know I spelt "of wrong". I know I'm cringy, don't mind me.


Hello, I am in the group that is Horrible at chess.To put it in perspective, I have never won chess. When I was a kid, I would usually find myself where my chess pieces forced my dad to chekmate me, (a self-mate or a suimate if you will),and I would lose. So I technically made my dad get me out ( Either that or he would try to get me out because he was mean or something). I'm trying to learn stuff and I played really hard and LOST TO A 10/11 YEAR OLD. I suck so much. Cry

Im trying really really hard,

that counts right?

I hope so...

Till' the king falls

The horrible chess player

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