Mason-Dixon Ice Breaker Tournament

Dec 26, 2010, 3:32 PM |

  Hey everyone!  I have finally gotten around to putting up my games/other stuff from our school league's Ice Breaker Tournament.  I would love any feedback on my games, etc.  The comments last year were very helpful!

  This year the tournament was held at Biglerville High School.  The tournament was open to Senior high and Junior high students.  Five school teams were present with a total of 42 players (12 in Open, 30 in Reserve).  Reserve played 6 games (40-45 minutes each) while Open played 4 (60 minutes each).

  The school I was playing for, New Oxford, brought 9 Senior High and 3 Junior high players.  During our team's playoffs earlier in the year, I had won the board 1 position.  That position was a step up from board 3 as of last year.  Most of the First boards in the league for each school had graduated (all but two), so this tourney became a kind of initiation for the new hierarchy (myself included!).

Round 1:


  If I had played someone better, I probably would have lost.  However, this was James Wood's board 1...  not too shabby :)  He ended up placing 11th with a score of 1.0.  He had beat me last year, so I had no clue how the game would go.

  I had been outside in front of the school for about an hour waiting for someone I thought would be showing up (but didn't), so I was still frozen when the tourney started.  At least this game helped wake me up and unthaw me before the other games.

Round 2:


  This game was against Gettysburg's board 1.  Too bad I missed the pawn move for the win, but I was pressed for time.  Next time I will look for those pawn moves :)  The game ended up with me having a pawn + King against his bishop + King.  Since neither of us could win by time (we were both hurting), it was drawn by agreement.  This was probably my most disappointing game of the tournament.  I at least feel a little better knowing that this guy placed 6th with a score of 2.5.

Round 3:


  This was my hardest game of the tournament.  I went into this game feeling like I was being led to the execution block.  My opponent was one of the First boards who had not graduated.  I considered him to be the best person at the tournament, and it did not help my outlook any that I was playing black!  I think I disappointed some people by drawing him... mainly his coach...  Sorry about that Biglerville, I didn't expect to do that well either!

  This person ended up placing 1st in the Open section with a 3.5 score.  I'm sure you will be reading this Hawthorn, so just to let you know, it was a pleasure playing you.  Good job with your first place!  You deserved it.

 Round 4:


  I kind of felt bad after this game.  He was Gettysburg's board 3.  I'm not sure if I was motivated to win so quickly because I had drawn their board 1, I needed to win in order to place, or perhaps I was just tired and cranky at the end :)  Whatever the reason, this ended up being the shortest/least costly game I have ever played in the league.  This guy didn't do too bad overall though... he placed 7th in the open with a 2.0 score.


  Overall, I came away from this tournament with a score of 3.0 points.  I was one of only two people with 3.0 points.  The other person with this score was surprisingly New Oxford's board 2.  We thought he might win the tournament, but unfortunately he lost to Hawthorn during the final round.

  With 3.0 points, I placed 3rd in the Open.  Too bad the tiebreakers did not favor me... but I am content with this placing.  It is the best I have ever done (from not even placing last year)!

  New Oxford ended up rocking the tournament.  In Open we grabbed 2nd and 3rd, and placed second (score overall) for Open (Biglerville beat us by 0.5 points).

  We did much better in reserve (if that were possible)!  There, we grabbed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (our boards 7, 6, 4, and 5 in this order)!  Our boards 4-7 are very close in strength :)  My younger brother (sorry to embarrass you) placed 3rd with a score of 5.0!  1st place had the only perfect score of 6.0.  All the other players from the other schools had a score of 4.0 or lower.  Overall, New Oxford won Reserve by a landslide (by counting the top 4 scores... the closest competitor was 5 points away).

  To conclude, it was a fun tournament.  Although I think I could have done better, I think it is a good precursor to the coming chess season.  Please leave comments that will help me improve.  Thanks for reading!