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Endgame study

Aug 8, 2010, 7:35 PM 2
need to learn about endgames. When looking at the game with a 1750 afterward, he was focused on getting that c pawn as well, but thought that b5 was a terrible blunder. Yet I think it was the only way to win that c-pawn, during our analysis we couldn't find a way. I never know which pawns to let go of and which are important to hang on to. I never notice if a rook becomes inactive. Not sure how to fix this problem, other than maybe to go over the endgames I loose, which are many! I am so sick of getting some kind of advantage in the middle game only to lose it in the endgame. And the endgame positions always look blank to me, not mysterious or deep, just blank, as I stare at them during the game. Endgames to me are the hardest part of learning to play chess.

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