Mind Body & Soul

Mind Body & Soul

Jan 14, 2012, 8:15 PM |

Today is my first blog post. It will surely include chess thoughts,etc but to start it is going to be my simple thoughts on my quest for great health. Not an easy feat. 

To ff my life story and get to now. 39yrs old (not young) and living with a moderate amount of pain from inflammation. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I have had regular physicals from my doctor and walked in his office explaining to him that I feel like crap and pleading for a diagnosis. The doc was more than happy to swipe my insurance card a few times and run tests,etc 


The diagnosis was a clean bill of healthCool  I left with the doc's advice to eat healthy and exercise. Simple but not easy since I have recentley contributed more and more to the belief that food is maybe the most powerful drug on Earth. 


Three times now in life I have attempted what I consider to be the Ultimate Diet.  100% RAW VEGAN. It is the cure all and I know this in my heart of hearts but very tough to adheed to. All 3 times I felt incredible clarity and focus and energy, ad infinitum. All 3 times I (within a matter of weeks) Relapsed on food (Filet Mignon and loaded baked potatoe and/or Meatlover's Pizza from Pizza Hut or Domino's. 


Anyyea, this is going to be my simple food log,blog that I do for myself and anyone who stumbles across it is more than welcome to read,share thoughts, etc. 

I did however quit eating Red Meat for New Year's Eve and need to not chalk everything in RED and give my self a descent pat on the back for this first step up the beanstalk Laughing


Sat Jan 14, 2012      Food Log  =  Pizza w/ Ham,Bacon,X cheese and GPeppers.

                                                Copenhagen dip

                                                 small handful of Benydryl's to sedate me and assist in being able to fall asleep.   


Scale of 1-5   5 being Terrific; 1 being terrible   =      1.5  pretty freaking bad!