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Jan 23, 2012, 5:11 AM |

Day 6 RV(Raw Vegan)


So here I am feeling like an old timer on my Raw Vegan Diet/Lifestyle...lol. 6 days today and like they say you can't have 7 without 6  :)    Made it through the weekend with room to spare. Had 1 major food craving and it was for Pizza Hut pizza. It was talking to me hard but I had my mind made up and managed to prep food(s) over the weekend and instead of Chicken Wings, Pizza,etc with my normal dose of NFL ... I had things like Raw Vegan Chipotle Cheese Wraps, Fruits and even made a cultured Almond & Coconut Yogurt that was completley raw.


Again, just to be clear what Raw Vegan is let me lay it out nice and boring like.         FRUITS,VEGETABLES,NUTS & SEEDS (preferably soaked & sprouted)

Why Raw Vegan... good question... it takes a hell of a soldier to adheed to such a strict lifestyle in a land of lust.  Smile  Health is the reason I feel a lot of peope take up this way and I am not different. Matter of fact that is the only reason I make this approach. I get to the point where my SAD(Standard American Diet) of a lifestyle simply weighs too hard on me and my inner voice screams for purity and it becomes paramount to all things.

The health benefits that I am experiencing are fab. Very little inflammation. Calm and clarity without any caffeine. Cholesterol and Fat should be melting from my system slowly but surely, one molecule at a time Cool


This evening I plan to go to the market and get lots of food supplies. One thing that is an absolute MUST (at least for me) is that you put emphasis on variety,variety,variety. Mix it up. Believe it or not with just the produce and seeds you can have unlimited choices. Foods that I simply would not eat on a normal diet. Frozen Pizzas, Fast Food as much as I would like to deny it, consisted of the majority of my diet. If I jotted down a food diary for 6 months and you took it and did a Power Point presentation with graphs,etc on it you would see the trash that I put in my body and be able to more easily understand why I complain of feeling like hell so much. Again, not surprising that my doctor has said things like ... eat a better diet and get MO exercise.