4 Player Chess - basics

4 Player Chess - basics

Mar 16, 2018, 12:04 PM |

Everyone on this site at least once played ' 4 Player Chess '.You know how to play,but you want a something more,but you do not know where.


You are on the right place.I show you a basics:


  • Bishop worths 5,do not give a bishop for knight ( knight worths 3 ).
  • Trick your oppotent if he do not be careful.When you promote pawn into a queen it worths 1,no 9.Try to exchange promoted queen for normal queen or for rook or bishop.
  • Promote pawns more as you can.
  • When someone gives mate he get 15 points.Then you can mate when someone surround someone's king,you can give mate and win 15 points.


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