Chess opening repertoire

Chess opening repertoire

Oct 4, 2017, 5:35 AM |

Finally you have to compose the repertoire of chess openings and this is a necessary ingredient of chess masterpiece. Your repertoire should consist of opening that pleases you for white and also for black. Repertoire should have different openings on different moves and not only on one. And now are you wondering how to make that repertoire?
What if I'm white? What is the best opening? What is Black? What happens when I play 1.e4?

And finally, when you compose a repertoire, you have to play more games. You can play here at and live if you have the opportunity. And by consolidating the knowledge about the selected openings and playing several games after each opening, you will only have a good repertoire at that time.

You can further upgrade your knowledge by working on some books on these opening ups.

You can look at some of the strong players on the topic of some opening from your repertoire.

Take a look at a video if you can, so perhaps it's best for you to understand this opening.


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