Chess Study Plan – Strategy

Chess Study Plan – Strategy

Oct 4, 2017, 6:48 AM |

You heard someone say that the strategy is a talent, not an exercise. How to discover that talent?
You can discover it and improve that talent by reading books, playing games ...
The strategy is the skill of conceiving a plan and often appears in the middle game.
There are various courses that you can go and discover, and even improve.
There are positions that you need to know to evaluate and determine plans and find out who is better in that position. To make progress, you have to play a lot of games, to know how to reduce your opponent's space for play and maneuvers, how to figure out where they work best, how to play with stronger than yourself. The development of the figure is not the mainstay of the strategy, because the plan is in the first place.

Several rules for success:
Never develop a jumper before starting his pedestrian (if the knight on b1 is passing through the c2-c4 pedestrian, then the knight)
Control the longest diagonals for your bishops in order to be active
Watch to push your opponent as much as possible.

I hope that you will progress quickly.


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