d4 vs e4

d4 vs e4

Oct 10, 2017, 2:00 PM |

I've been playing 1.d4 for the longest time. It's just my personal preference, and I guess I like the types of positions that can arise better. However, people often ask me why I play 1.d4, and I can never seem to give them a good explanation. But I post some of my knowledge.


For example, I've been told that 1.e4 leads to more open positions and 1.d4 more closed positions, but I  think that 1.d4 brings some attacks just a little later than 1.e4.


Maybe the combination of d4+c4 to control the center is less stronger from the combination of e4+f4, so 1.d4 allows you to better fight for the center from the wing.


Maybe 1.d4 doesn't help you develop your kingside, so your development take more time.Whit castle less later.


1.e4 is recommended to beginners because it can be understood move-by-move. 1.e4 e5 (opening diagonals) 2.Nf3 (attacking) Nc6 (defending) 3.Bb5 (attacking) and so on.All more open.


Defending 1.e4 often is easier, if you survive the attack the position is often plain equal.This positions are attack machines.


Open position, enough space, no positional ruin,focus is on attack.


1.d4 is tricky, the counter-play is far from obvious because there are no immediate clashes. You have to know exactly what to do, just waiting and rebounding is not enough.I think you must be a good positional player to play 1.d4.


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