Greatest chess players EVER

Greatest chess players EVER

Oct 31, 2017, 3:19 PM |

#10 Whiliem Stienitz

is positional player.He isn't play 'all cards' on attack,he put king on safe place and slowly win.


#9 Adolf Andersen

is a 'full' attacker.He is lose by Sitenitz in macth, but I think, Andersen is better.


#8 Johanes Zukertot

is positional and solid player.He is maybe middle of attacker and 'safer'.


#7 Alexander Alehkine

is fine player.He beat Capablanca in macth,but I think,he can get a 'only' #7 place.


#6 Emanuel Lasker

is defense master and he play defense like a Barcelona's defender ( soccer ).He bat Stienitz in macth,he is realy better.


#5 Boris Spassky

is maybe best USSR chess player in he's time.I love he's game,he play good all parts of games.


#4 Jose Raul Capablanca

is a very good attacker and he's lose in macth with Alekine is big pity.I love he's play.


#3 Mikail Tal

is my favourite chess player.He is a 'magican' on chess board and play magical sacrifice.


#2 Anatoly Karpov

is maybe better of Kasparov,but he loses in that macth and I put he on #2 place.He play a good games,have a safety King and strong attack in much games.


Finaly,Garry Kasparov,#1 chess player ever

is a best chess player ever.I love his games and he is profesionl attacker and maestry defender.