Greatest chess players EVER part II

Greatest chess players EVER part II

Nov 1, 2017, 8:41 AM |

#11 - #20 


#11 Bobby Fischer

maybe he can be on part 1,but I think,he plays fine and have a only #11 place.


#12 Magnus Carlsen

he is world chess champion now.


#13 Vishy Anand

lose in macth with #12 Magnus Carlsen ( he challenge Magnus Carlsen ),greatest world champion after Kasparov.


#14 Alexander Kalifman

1999-2000 world chess champion.'Beat' a Kasparov,beacuse Kasparov dosen't play macth and he got a title.


#15 Vladimir Kramnik

lose in macth with Magnus Carlsen,but here Magnus won a title.Good defense and attack fine player.


#16 Anish Giri

isn't world champion,but I think,he can be soon.Precise,attack and defense solid player.I love his game.


#17 Jobava Baadur

is my 2. favourite player.He play great openings,middle gamess too and endgames a bit badly.


#18 Levon Aronian

is super player too.I want to put he on higher place , but all players here is a LEGENDS.


#19 Sergei Karjakin 

is been GM with 11 years old.Amazing!He is my 3. favourite chess player.


#20 Alexander Grishuk

is a amazing player too.I like his game,he play realy very good,I love his game.