Lucena Position

Lucena Position

Nov 25, 2017, 1:38 PM |

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Lucena manscript,the oldest book with castling move rules ( 1497 ).


For introduction,please solve that ( it isn't important for Lucena Position,but you must warm up grin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.png ) :


Ok,we can start if you solve that.Some people,who know chess fine,see the tactic and ..., you know,let out page.They says: ''Tactics?No more!That stupid tactics,every day...''

But,I say,like much people,''Chess is 99% tactics''.But,we can start with Lucena Position.


Here is that famous Lucena position.And?Look the rule!It says: "First of all, of course give a cheek,put rook on 4th rank and move king like ZIG-ZAG,maneuver Kd1-c2-d3-c3-d4 and when he gave cheek again you move rook on d5 and you sure win!''


Rule is too long,but study that fine,slowly,concentrated and have FUN!!!


It's all for today,see you soon.Bye!!!