QGD vs Slav vs Semi-Slav vs Botvinnik's gambit/system

QGD vs Slav vs Semi-Slav vs Botvinnik's gambit/system

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Hi, again dear chess friends! Today's question is: What is better: What is better: QGD vs Slav vs Semi-Slav vs Botvinnik's gambit/system?


Let's start with some lines:

QGD: Solid lines whit white's bigger initiative, but black has got potential to outplay too. Development is nice, black has got ''brake'' pawn on e6, but still it's ok.
Now, my QGD Game Examples:

This one is good too:

Slav: Slav is quite better than QGD( for both sides ), but black has many traps that he must avoid in order to stay active and equal.

Examples from my games:

This one is good too, I lost, but it's good:

Semi-Slav: In this opening, things are different than in Slav. That e6 pawn is just in case of an exchange or support to d5 and f5 ( many uses ). But it also closes the c8 bishop, so that's a problem for black, but with the precious game, black can handle it ok.

Examples from GM games ( haven't my own ):

And this, both from same tournament:

Botvinnik's Gambit/System: The Botvinnik System is a very fun opening to play. As others have mentioned, it is very complicated and theoretical. In fact, most lines in the Botvinnik system lasts for 30-40 moves. They tend to very tactical and complicated and one mistake is all you need to lose. It is also a very positionally rich opening to play. If you want to play this opening, you might have to invest a lot of time learning all the theory and making sure that you remember it all. 

Example from my game:


In my opinion, the best opening for white is Slav Defense because of all traps that are set for black

Best opening for black is  Botvinnik's Gambit/System because of fun and interesting play.

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