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That variant of Slav Defense is a bit better for black,but it can paly for white too.I recomened that for black.It gone: 

1. d4 d5

2. c4 c6

3. Nf3 Nf6

4. e3 Bf5

5. Nc3 e6

6. Nh4 Bg6

7. Nxg6 hxg6


Black have a open line and a bishop what can be fine placed and power attack.

White have a bishop pair and a bit more space,and black have a doubled pawns.


                                                                   PLAN FOR BLACK


It is I think better for black,beacuse white castle on kingside he have a power attack and good chances for win.Black can castle on queenside or don't castle on any side,and he have a attack on black king,but white easy can attack black if he castle,I recomened here black put king on e7 and he have a good game.


                                                                     PLAN FOR WHITE


If black castle on queenside white can attack and have may bigger chanses than black,but I want to say to he can go trogouh center and counter black if he dosen't play correct.His bishop pair is so useless.


Best wishes,Slobodan007!

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