Some about openings vol 1.0

Some about openings vol 1.0

Nov 4, 2017, 11:20 AM |

You start a games with openigs wich you love.If you feel good in one opening,fid yourself and your pices feel good you play that opening fine and know how to play.


Principles in openings:

  • Develop your pieces in fine places,attacking useful or/and defense useful.
  • Develop your pieces,no 2 moves with 1 piece
  • Pawns aren't pieces,play first 2,3 moves with pawns and develop pieces.

See Game 1#:

Its Legal Mate.White have a fine position in 4. move,he have a 3 pieces developed and he is better in this position.


See game 2 :

This is mate in Indian Game.See a more rules:


  • If you can move two pieces,move piece who moves are limited.
  • Move your pieces toward center




Bye!See vol2 ( vol2 cooming soon ).Bye!