Tactics Study Plan

Tactics Study Plan

Oct 3, 2017, 1:10 PM |

Did you hear that someone says: Chess is 99% tactics

Now you will have to do several chess problems:

This is inspiration
1 tactic

                                                                       2 tactic

                                                                3 tactic

Chess combinatorics should be better to practice chess problems and to read books a little less. But where and how to practice problems?
Here on chess.com or on Chess Tempo!For free!
It takes a lot of exercises to quickly identify tactical motives and quickly solve the problem.
Get started from lightweight through a bit heavier to relatively difficult chess problems. As I said here, on chess.com you can solve 5 problems for free, and if you want to upgrade your account or register at chess tempo, because all problems are free there so that the man can infinitely solve them. I think that it is rapidly advancing using these two websites in parallel.
You can also practice problems from problem books Chess university-free chess e-books with lot of tactics tactics.
I give free chess lessons on this site for players rated around 1050-1425.I give free advice here on blogs and on forums.