March Madness G.O.A.T. (Round of 32)

March Madness G.O.A.T. (Round of 32)

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Voting has ended for this round.

Sweet 16

March Madness is here for the chess fans!  Instead of predicting which NCAA Hoops teams will advance to the final four you can help determine the Greatest Chess Player Of All Time.  There will be a bit of a luck component to deciding who advances.  If 80% of fans pick player 1 and 20% of fans pick player 2, player 1 will have an 80% chance of advancing using a random number generator.

To vote simply pick one player from each match-up in a comment.  Votes will tally at approximately 12:00AM 3/22 PDT.

Example: 1a, 4a, 3a, 7a...

Feel free to also leave comments or persuasive arguments in the comments section.

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Full Bracket on Google Drive.

1A Garry Kasparov


1C Emanuel Lasker





8A Hikaru Nakamura



8C Judit Polgar



4A Veselin Topalov


4C Paul Keres





5A Harry Pillsbury



5C Levon Aronian



3A Vladimir Kramnik


3C Viktor Korchnoi





6A Lev Polugaevsky



6C Geza Maroczy



2A Bobby Fischer


2C Viswanathan Anand





7A Lajos Portisch



7C Boris Gelfand



1B Mikhail Botvinnik


1D Anatoly Karpov





8B Vugar Gashimov



8D Efim Geller



4B Magnus Carlsen


4D Tigran Petrosian





5B Wilhelm Steinitz



5D Boris Spassky



3B Vassily Ivanchuk


3D Vassily Smyslov





6B Mikhail Tal



6D Siegbert Tarrasch



2B Alexander Alekhine


2D Jose Capablanca





7B David Bronstein



7D Peter Svidler



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