March Madness G.O.A.T. (Championship)

March Madness G.O.A.T. (Championship)

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The polling is over!  

Capablanca won in an upset!

He had a 42% chance to beat Kasparov!

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March Madness is here for the chess fans!  Instead of predicting which NCAA Hoops teams will advance to the final four you can help determine the Greatest Chess Player Of All Time.  There will be a bit of a luck component to deciding who advances.  If 80% of fans pick player 1 and 20% of fans pick player 2, player 1 will have an 80% chance of advancing using a random number generator.

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Full Bracket on Google Drive.  Round 1.  Round 2.  Round 3.  Round 4.

Round 1 Upsets: Aronian (46% chance) over Keres. 

Round 2 Upsets: Aronian (44%) over Lasker.  Korchnoi (34%) over Anand.  Spassky (28%) over Karpov. 

Round 3 Upsets: Korchnoi (47%) over Aronian.


To vote simply pick one player from each match-up in a comment.  

For this round please list the player name.  

Votes will tally at approximately 8:00 PM PDT on 3/31.  


Stat 1, Last round --  Advantage Capablanca

Capablanca defeated Korchnoi last round with a 93% chance of winning

Kasparov defeated Carlsen last round with a 74% chance of winning

Stat 2, Chessmetrics -- Advantage Kasparov

1 year peak: Kasparov (2nd), Capablanca (4th)

5 year peak: Kasparov (1st), Capablanca (3rd)

10 year peak: Kasparov (1st), Capablanca (4th)

15 year peak: Kasparov (1st), Capablanca (4th)

Stat 3, Warriors of the Mind -- Advantage Kasparov

Comparing games between the 64 strongest players in history, Kasparov was ranked 1st and Capablanca 5th.

Stat 4, Moves played compared with computer -- Virtual Tie

Best year, Kasparov (3rd) Capablanca (5th)

Best 2 year, both tied 2nd-4th

Best 3 year, both tied 2nd-3rd

Best 5 year, Kasparov (1-2) Capablanca (3rd)

Best 10 year, Capablanca (1-2), Kasparov (4th)

Best 15 year, Capablanca (1st), Kasparov (4-5)

Stat 5, Years Champion -- Advantage Kasparov

Kasparov was the undisputed champion for 8 years, and the Classical Champion for another 7 years.  15 years in total according to most fans.

Capablanca was the champion for 6 years.


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