Fabiano Caruana: American Again

Jun 27, 2015, 6:16 AM |

As of today (or maybe it was yesterday), Fabiano Caruana (who dropped below 2800 and down to World No. 5 in the live rankings because of Norway Chess) officially changed federations from Italy to the United States. In Dortmund, he will be displaying the Star Spangled Banner.

It came as a bit of surprise to me, actually. Russia has only two GMs in the Top 10, whereas the US now has three (for those who didn't know, Wesley So, the American No. 3, is also playing in Dortmund). The question now is, who is the stronger nation, the US or China (I expect the question also leads to some political debate, but I'll leave that alone).

I also happened to get a little off-topic, but anyways...

Some will say that we have a new rivalry, Nakamura-Caruana, but that's not true. Between them, there is a score of 6-1 in classical games: in favour of Nakamura.

(Edit: In Dortmund, he is playing for Italy.)

(Another Edit: He switched to the USA in the middle of the tournament.)