Imagination and Revenge: Sinquefield Cup R2


If not for Dortmund, I would say that Fabiano Caruana should have stayed with Italy (although Dortmund had nothing to do with either of his loyalties). He's come through the first two rounds of this year's Sinquefield Cup the same way Magnus Carlsen finished the first two rounds of Norway Chess. Except that he didn't lose on time and the colours were reversed.

And yes, Magnus has gotten his revenge. For last year, for last tournament.

Topalov, opposite of Mr. Caruana, is doing quite well, having somewhat surprisingly beaten Nakamura today. I would be shocked again to see him win the tournament. He has two more obstacles, though: Anish Giri, who is on 1.5/2 and so far not suffering greatly from marriage, and Levon Aronian, who is also on 1.5/2 and possibly having a good tournament at last.

Contrary to popular belief, Anand will likely not pose a threat to the tournament's potential leaders as now, he sits with Fab at the bottom of the score chart. He lost to Grischuk today. Interesting.

Another tournament to rattle the live ratings, tomorrow boasts the pairings Carlsen-MVL, Nakamura-Caruana, and Anand-Topalov.