Int'l Move Repetition Day: Norway Chess Day 7

Jun 23, 2015, 11:41 AM |

Apparently June 23 would make a good candidate for International Move Repetition Day, as all five games (!) today ended in move repetitions, one of which was the perpetual check.

By me, the most fasicnating of today's games was MVL-Carlsen, in which Magnus's "don't try this at home" opening (he said that he doesn't follow his own advice) earned him a draw in seventeen moves. Magnus is still 8th, and in his post-game interview, he said he's aiming for 1.5/2 for the next two days, though it wouldn't be terribly difficult for him to earn 2/2.

The one to stop Veselin Topalov from enlarging his margin of lead was Fabiano Caruana, and in his post-game interview, the topic of the live ratings came up. Dirk Jan said, "I think you went down three..." when Fabiano interrupted rather pathetically with: "No, no, no, don't tell me!" Poor him.

One of the most unpredictable tournaments has come to the day of not-so-quiet draws. Aronian said he was rather depressed, Anish Giri finally got Jon Ludvig Hammer to give up on his (almost) nonexistant winning chances, and the two Norwegians and Alexander Grischuk are prepared for some more suffering (maybe not Magnus, but definitely the other two) while Topalov happily takes home the $75,000 first prize. Well, maybe a couple of people could force him into a tie for first, but still...

And then there is that time when one cannot recall what one wanted to write. Reminds me of Gelfand trying to recall his 22+ moves of home analysis (at the Grand Prix) and Grischuk trying to remember his analysis from four years ago.

I also thought the quiz question was interesting...What kind of car did Magnus Carlsen buy? (The hint was that is isn't a "Car-uana". Funny, right?)