Magnus's Second, Lonely Loss and Norway Chess Day 2

Jun 17, 2015, 11:42 AM |

Yes, Magnus lost again. To Fabiano Caruana of all people. Not completely unexpected, but then again, that was before yesterday happened.

And it was the first result we got. Can anything ever be more sad for a world champion?

Then there was the Grischuk-Aronian draw...after three checks by Aronian's queen. Not particularly unexpected either.

Third we had Topalov-Nakamura, which was also a draw. And now they are still tied for first. Not particularly surprising, but not in anyone else's favor. Three moves for a draw seems like a trend.

Hammer was totally winning against Vachier-Lagrave until...his pawn promotion went wrong and they traded off the remaining pieces and there were two lonely kings. JLH left Magnus lonely at the bottom.

Then finally Giri drew with Anand. Not too enexpcted, though Anand was winning for more than some of the game. Ir's good for Giri, though, who is also tied for first. Tomorrow he plays Magnus (and even though the third-round streak was broken in Shamkir, I don't expect anything better than a draw).

So Magnus walks away with the round's only loss and Caruana is also tied for first.

Topalov does sound like he is very much in pain from that sore throat of his. it's somewhat sad, even though I gess he himself is more than happy.

MVL officially saved himself and joined the other four leaders (half the field!), and Magnus can officially be compared to Polgar at Linares 1994.