Four, then Three: Sinquefield Cup R3-R5

Aug 27, 2015, 6:47 PM |

We saw some interesting time scrambles earlier in the tournament. After that,:

R3 saw a game that lasted 76 moves (and ended in a draw -- between the Americans, of course).

R4 saw only one decisive game, although Caruana-Anand ended in a rather interesting position.

And R5 saw Topalov at a loss, Caruana with his first win, and Carlsen finally taking the lead that his rating implies (he's only gained 5.4 points so far, though).

Aronian seems to be doing very well, matching Carlsen with 3.5/5, and Anand seems to be doing uncharacteristically badly...

But aside from the "stuff" going on in St. Louis at the moment, Ding Liren broke past the No. 10 spot in the live ratings to reach 2781.6.