Topalov's "Hypnotic Arts" and Norway Chess Day 6

Jun 22, 2015, 12:25 PM |

The title came from a Tweet that I saw (though it was later deleted, I suspect). It made me laugh.

Anyways, maybe whoever thought that up was right...

Since Magnus gave up on the (low) chances of Hikaru blundering due to exhaustion, he can no longer win the tournament in any way (unless the organisers decide to give him something for Round 1, which they won't). Pity.

It wasn't tottally expected that this wouldn't end in a draw, but tomorrow, Magnus faces MVL...not sure what his score there is, but after MVL's blitz and 1st-round wins, he hasn't been so well off, so...maybe there's hope for three more wins. (5/9 could definitely land him in second place, and as long as Topalov stumbles sometime soon, it won't break the world record for largest margin, though I do expect Vishy might also end up with 2nd).

(Is Aronian perhaps making his much-needed comeback? First he beats Caruana, and now he manages to draw against Giri...)

The top of the rating list has certainly been (violently) rattled by this tournament. Hopefully, it repairs itself and remains somewhat stable.

I'm enjoying the live commentary, if not the tournament, at least. Some sorts of things these two have managed to come up with (I do have all of their answers, but I'm sure they would not be pleased by the dryness).