Baby, Take a Bow

GM smurfo
Feb 12, 2014, 3:53 PM |

I'm backpacking around Australia at the moment, 'tourist-style', but even these small coastal towns are reporting the death of the original Hollywood child star, Shirley Temple, at the ripe old age of 85. In case you need a reminder (or the title of this post confuses you), here's a little trip down memory lane at one of her highlights, at the tender age of four. Yes, 4. F-o-u-r.

Despite her ridiculous childhood talent, I don't think her movies are what Ms Temple would most like to be remembered for. If anything, perhaps it would be argued that her prodigious talents as a young thespian distracted from her incredible legacy as a humanitarian and a leader. She served as a US Ambassador and worked for the United Nations in her later years. She was also well known for her humorous witticisms and biting comebacks, though my favourite quote of hers is somewhat more sober: "Good luck needs no explanation."

In any case, her ability to deal with her immense childhood fame and channel her talents into making a positive contribution is...well, you get the point. She was no Bieber, that's for sure.  The world could use a few more stars with her disposition.

In highly unrelated news, here is my recent attempt at an on-screen performance. I popped into the Melbourne Chess Club on my travels and gave a lecture on the only thing I felt grandmasterly-qualified to speak about: Waffling. Just kidding; it was on the Portuguese Gambit, but I do tell a lot of stories. At least it will soon eclipse my only other YouTube feature: an obscure parody of Flight of the Conchord's "Business Time".