Camp Stories 1

Jul 3, 2010, 10:52 AM |

I have just returned from a week at camp for an international preaching competition.  I will be posting some stories through the coming weeks.  Feel free to comment on them if you wish.


City Boys Meet The Beetles

In the cabin that I spent my week we had some campers from Northern Virginia.  They grew up in Suburbia and had a obvious fear of the natural.  However, my roommates and myself didn't know just how far this phobia went until some beetles voluntarily came to join us for devotionals.  I can surely say that I have never heard/seen guys scream so loud, jump so high from a prone position, or laugh so hard (as we watched them).  They armed themselves with whatever was closest and swiped at the bugs as they ventured near.  All the while they were yelling at us to quit laughing and dispose of the offending creatures in many varieties of ways.  Our counselors eventually became compassionate toward the cowering campers and manages to swat down the beetles and sweep them outside.  Needless to say, every time from then on when we were inside, the cabin door was shut.