Camp Stories 2

Jul 5, 2010, 5:07 PM |

If anyone has been actually reading these, they are random stories from my recent camp experiences.  I hope you enjoy them, but if you don't...  I really don't care.  Anyway,  here is story number 2.

My Three Sports Worth Injury

During my camp experience, I came to the realization that there are only three sports that I am willing to injure myself for.  The first is Soccer.  On the third day of my six day expedition, I received one half-dollar sized blister on my right foot, and a matching quarter sized one on my left foot.  Part of my problem was that once my feet felt as if they were burning, I played on, and on, and on, and on for a descent period of time as a midfielder.  I never regretted those decisions.

The second sport worth injury is Frisbee.  Although I received no injury from this sport at camp, I played it on my forth day.  I wore three pairs of socks to cushion the blisters and then played on for many hours.

The third sport is carpet ball.  In this game you set up 5 pool balls at either end of a 15 foot long table by 2 feet wide, and attempt to knock your opponents balls off the table using a cue ball that is alternately rolled/thrown from side to side.   There may not sound like a lot of injury in this, but you have never played with me.  At camp, I had a ball thrown mistakenly at my head (it missed/I ducked out of the way), the cue ball hit me in the lower gut, dove to try and stop a wayward ball from plunging off our 20' deck, and jumped off a 7' deck to catch up to a ball before it rolled all the way down a hill.  My only injury through all of this was limited to a skinned knee and a bruised gut.  However, I would willingly play on as I have received worse at a local YFC office...

So, I'm not sure if you cared to read through this or got anything useful from it, but hey, now you know what carpet ball is!!!