Greek gift helped Marshall Attack claim first win in the 100-Player Fast Thinkers Group Tournament

Greek gift helped Marshall Attack claim first win in the 100-Player Fast Thinkers Group Tournament

May 16, 2011, 10:50 PM |

The Fast Thinkers Group is hosting a chess tournament which started this morning here at - the world's most popular online chess gaming site. The online tournament is in celebration of the group's 800th membership.

With the help of a chess trap with a Greek gift sacrifice, the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez registered the first win of the tournament with 100 players from around the globe participating. See standing tally as snipped from my desktop.


 After a little formalities from both players:

fmarti: Bonjour et bonne chance

sollevy10: Bonjour, nous allons rendre ce jeu équitable et square. Bonne chance à nous deux

fmarti: débutons par la Ruy Lopez...

the game started and my good opponent who is from Barcelona opened fittingly in the Spanish or the Ruy Lopez.

We easily cruised through the move orders in the Marshall Attack. Then came move number 13 where instead of the standard Qh4, I opted once again for the move 13…Bxh2+, the greek gift sacrifice. Six moves later white found no more reason to continue and the game ended in 19 moves. Graceful in defeat, our Spanish friend ended the encounter cordially.

fmarti: bien joué

sollevy10: Merci beau jeu. Serait de vous rappeler si j'ai mis ce jeu dans mon blog

fmarti: nous ne retrouvons tout de suite à l´autre...

The game is shown below:

In our second game, my worthy opponent evened the score to 1-1 after I blundered my queen on the 19th move, forcing me to resign. The game was in the La Bourdonnais Variation of the French Defence.

sollevy10: blunder. terrible. horrible

sollevy10: i was thinking way ahead hxg5, fxg5 and Qh7+ or gxf6 but didnt see my queen being threatened

fmarti: Mauvaise chance. De toute façon vous êtes un trés bon jouer

sollevy10: Merci. J'espère que vous jouer à nouveau dans les prochains tournois.

fmarti: OK. Enchanté