IM ran from 3 Grand Prix Attacks runs out of vacation days

IM ran from 3 Grand Prix Attacks runs out of vacation days

Jun 8, 2011, 1:23 AM |

I started playing in team match-ups and tournaments in Online Chess around the middle of April 2011 and I'm getting hooked. I was a purely 5/0 blitz player online before until I realized that "online chess" as differentiated from live chess or blitz is entertaining as well and more socially engaging. Being a diamond member would make you enjoy fully what Online Chess can offer like team match ups, play in tournaments, vote chess in teams and some added privileges like vacation time, pre-moves, game analysis, and chess educational videos.

However, in many instances the privilege of vacation time is not being used for the purpose it was designed for. Many players are using this to run away from lost games that are supposed to have been resigned already. Players in tournaments have to wait for a very long time before they can proceed to the next rounds if a participant goes on vacation days.

I have three online games that started on the 24th of April against an International Master (IM).

I don't understand how he was able to start one game after another against me letting me play the Grand Prix Attack three times. When he was certain of losing, he left all our games and went on a seemingly endless vacation mode. His vacation days finally ran out after seeing it frozen (or so I thought, I thought it was stuck at two days left for quite awhile but after checking it again it was running in hours already). He was above 2050 in rating during our games but dropped to less than 1700 before I finally got the rating adjustments from our games giving me two points per game. I could have earned around 30 rating points had he resigned.

When I saw the clock running, I deleted my first post on this topic as it made me uncertain to claim of the vacation days issue. It still puzzles me however how I was able to play him three times playing with the white pieces in a supposedly team match-up.

In our first game, I played according to the GPA shown in GM Boris Alterman's video, gambiting pawns and the bishop for a mating attack. Realizing that he was already losing, he started another one and probably trying to correct what he did wrong. However he was not able to solve the problem. On the third try, again he was not able to find the correct move and decided to abandon all three games.

Who is this IM and how did he manage to start the three games with me? All I can say is push d5 so this situation will not happen again and he can come out now.

Our games are shown below:

I am now playing Team Vote Chess with Old School and Gambit Lines. I encourage my friends to join Old School and Gambit Lines where views from everyone are heard and where a member is also a leader. There are team captains who moderate discussions well. Every move is openly analyzed and questions are properly entertained. I will be happy to see my friends from all the groups that we meet at Old School and Gambit Lines and continue the fun in TVC.