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Marshall's greek gift a no joke to GM-JoKer

Marshall's greek gift a no joke to GM-JoKer

May 6, 2011, 9:36 PM 4

After commenting on my blog 23 moves in 18 seconds due to Marshall's greek gift, GM-Joker, or Wesley Walsh, played the Ruy Lopez with me in live games, 5/0 blitz. GM-Joker currently runs the JoKeR's Death Match!? Tournament in online chess with 96 participating players.

I was hesitant at first to do the greek gift sacrifice when he opened in Ruy Lopez because I know that GM-Joker is already aware of the trap. However, after 12...Bd6, 13.Re1, I couldn't think of any better move than 13...Bxh2+ (as I was on the phone with a friend). Since GM-Joker knew what happened to 17.Be3 on the previous blog, he pushed his bishop to 17.Bd2, supporting his rook on e1 (see diagram below after 16...Rae8).

The move however was not able to stop black's attack. After the 20th move, GM-Joker was not laughing anymore. Checkmate!

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